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About the Center for Optimum Living


The CENTER FOR OPTIMUM LIVING is founded on the knowledge that each of us, regardless of condition, stage or station in life, can influence the course and quality of our own lives to a far greater extent than is ordinarily assumed.

Whether one is dealing with, or wanting to prevent personal, physical, or interpersonal difficulties, the CENTER’s counseling and natural health support services can help. Our work is respectfully dedicated to enabling individuals, couples, families and groups to achieve more of what is possible in their lives.

“Dr. Benanti’s approach is the result of over twenty years of experience in bringing forth the most of one’s potential. All of his services are individually geared, non-intrusive, natural and share a common focus. Each in its own way, builds upon one’s strengths while alleviating the stress that interferes with the inherent vitality and joy that grows from optimizing personal functioning on every level.

What is Optimum Living?

The Center for Optimum LivingOPTIMUM LIVING means living life to the fullest with energy, balance, joy and integrity. It is our birthright and the natural result of unblocking those resources in mind, body and spirit which make for high quality physical health and emotional well-being on every level.

As a guiding ideal, it encompasses what has long been among the highest of human aspirations: vibrant health and longetivity, confident and satisfying self-expression, deep and loving relationships, and meaningful and rewarding work.

As a personal reality, relative to structures, pressures and practicalities of everyday life, “optimum living” involves attaining as much of the ease, order, joy and fulfillment that is possible in each of our own unique and ever-changing lives.

The Problem, The Symptoms, The Solution

The Problem

“The human individual…possesses powers of various sorts which he habitually fails to use. He energizes below his maximum, and he behaves below his optimum…his life is contracted…in those feelings of hurry and having no time, in that breathlessness and tension, that anxiety…that lack of inner harmony and ease.”

-William James The renowned Philosopher, Physiologist and Psychologist who, during the early part of the 20th century, reestablished respect for the mind/body connection.

The Symptoms

“Roughly 80% of the physical problems that bring people to their doctor have to do with stress and lifestyle…Stress can affect not only the psychological equilibrium but physical functions as well. We know that the more accumulated stress a person experiences, the greater likelihood they have of becoming ill. Cardiovascular disease, digestive problems, headaches, resistance to infectious illness and even cancer have all been linked to stress.”

-Joan Borysenko Former Director of the Mind/Body Clinic at Harvard Medical School

The Solution

“In the centrifuge of contemporary living, we are whirling away from the center of our own being. The further out we spin, the more blurred our view of ourselves…The essential task, then, is to regenerate the vital response, to reopen access to the clarifying functions of conscience, and to recapture command of our existence and the forces that are shaping it.”

-Norman Cousins U.C.L.A. School of Medicine, and author of Human Options and Anatomy of an Illness

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