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Beyond an Average Life

By Dr. Sal Benanti

We live at a time characterized by both tremendous stress and tremendous opportunity. To an alarming degree, various forms of breakdown in health, self, relationships and work have become a predictable part of the normal “average life”.

At the same time, while science continues to blend with the wisdom of other traditions, greater insight into the interplay of our mental/emotional, physical and interpersonal systems has provided the opportunity (and challenge) to optimize the quality of our lives like never before.

As a result, we live at a time of new hope and promise. No longer is it necessary, nor valid to assume, that stress and the high cost of its corrosive symptoms is “just how it is”.

This simply is not true. (more…)

Expert Q&A: Marital Reconciliation After An Affair

The following interview regarding the possibility of reconciliation after an affair was conducted by the Weinberger Law Group and featured on the “Expert Q & A” section of their website.

Has your marriage been rocked by infidelity? For many couples, the anger, hurt, and sense of betrayal that result from discovering a spouse’s cheating are often insurmountable. (more…)

Important News about Probiotics and Your Brain

by Dr. S. C. Benanti


As you may have seen in the news, an important new chapter in mental health science is gaining momentum. Neuroscientists are now discovering more direct links between how well (or poorly) our brains are functioning and our intestinal bacteria. Commonly called probiotics or the gut’s “good bacteria”, cutting edge research is identifying which of the many probiotic strains, technically known as our microbiomes, impact specific brain functions most directly. (more…)