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For individuals and couples

More than being separate “types” of counseling or psychotherapy each of the descriptions given below indicate an area in which your sessions can focus. In your sessions with Dr. Benanti you can choose to focus on one area alone or on as many as your interests and needs require.

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Personal Growth
Guides and supports you in cultivating the best of your mind, body, and spirit by developing more effective ways of perceiving yourself, others, and your specific areas of concern. The process will help free you of unwanted burdens or restrictions from your past while allowing more of your true essence to emerge. The goal is to clear the pathways to your fulfillment by bringing forth more of your potential to live fully in the present and direct yourself with a clear focus on what you want to attain in your future.
Relationship Improvement
Enables you as an individual (or both of you as a couple) to better understand, respect and relate to one another in ways that nurture each of you, as well as the love upon which your relationship’s “health” depends. In the event that one or both of you are considering ending the relationship, our focus will shift to exploring the possibility of reconciliation or to establishing as smooth a transition as is possible for all concerned.
Stress Reduction and Management
Identifies and reduces your sources of stress while increasing your ability to deal with the pressures of your present difficulties. By learning how to access your deeper resources and develop more of what is called “stress hardiness,” you will develop greater physical, mental/emotional and interpersonal resistance to the debilitating effects of stress. You will also gain more effective ways of handling the unavoidable stress we all face today. The ultimate goal is for you to proceed with greater efficiency and less effort, creating more ease, joy and fulfillment both now and in your future.
Emotional Difficulties
Between being blocked and/or numb on one extreme, to feeling loss of control and/or overwhelmed on the other, there is a middle ground of emotional depth, balance, ease, and spontaneity from which genuine happiness can grow. The goal is to assist you in working through your feelings and learning how to experience and express your emotions in the most constructive and healthful ways.
Healing Enhancement
Perceiving and responding to your own internal healing process with strong positive attitudes, mental images, and self-discipline has been proven to be a vital support to any major, or minor, medical treatment or recovery process. Medical research has validated that reducing stress on every level while enhancing the basic mechanisms of healing itself, go hand in hand. The goal is to enable you to participate most effectively with the interconnected physical, mental/emotional and interpersonal components of your own healing response.
Life Transition Support
Enables you to “move on” more completely and effectively into the new or revised “roles” that your life’s changes require. Whether these changes come gradually or abruptly, such times of transition can be quite stressful in terms of mental confusion, emotional pain, physical loss of energy and/or interpersonal awkwardness. The support and objectivity provided will assist you in moving ahead in your life, without the extra unnecessary problems that can otherwise arise.
Crisis Intervention and Prevention
Assists you in proceeding through and resolving your specific “crisis” situation with as much reduced strain, effort, struggle and pain as is possible. In the event that a crisis has not yet occurred, but is possible or even impending, the goal is to readjust, wherever feasible, factors that can offset the probability and/or intensity of the crisis.
Nutritional Therapy


Some Benefits of Nutritional Therapy for Optimum Physical and Mental Health:

• Optimum Wellness • Energy Improvement • Mental Clarity & Focus • Anti-Aging & Life Extension • Healing Enhancement • Detoxification • Immune Support • Pain Management • Disease Resistance • Weight Management

The Goal and Process of Nutritional Therapy …

is to support and upgrade your physical vitality and mental/emotional functioning while focusing on your specific health concerns. Through natural and non-intrusive means of accurately assessing overall health, suggestions will be made about optimizing the body’s internal environment through the use of therapeutic grade natural vitamins, minerals, herbs and dietary adjustments. Only two meetings are required with follow-up sessions scheduled as needed.