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Life Coaching

gets you further faster than typically done on one's own
Optimum Life Coaching

Achieve your next level

Life Coaching is a practical process that enables you to clarify your intentions and accelerate your progress toward achieving your personal, relationship, and career goals in the outside world.

While developing inner clarity and personal strength is the foundation upon which we build our lives, extending those qualities toward successfully achieving practical goals is  essential for living well. And with a life coach, you can do so much faster than is typically done on one’s own.

Much like a “project manager,” your coach will provide you with the kind of proven background experience and know-how for you to gain the skills needed to reach your goals with more efficiency, less effort, and greater ease. This can provide an invaluable advantage by saving you time, effort, and much frustration. In having a coach you’ll have an expert partner and guide in identifying the challenges faced in achieving your goals and taking the practical steps needed to overcome them.

Certainly, you can choose to be in counseling as well, alternate between the two, or continue with the one that best suits your current situation. It’s completely up to you.

As you’ll read in our staff’s profiles, each of our coaches has the advantage of many years of direct experience in learning and applying the perspectives and practices of optimum living. This can assure you that we’re all on the same page in providing the highest caliber of positive professional guidance and personal support that’s been fulfilling the best potentials in countless lives for over 25 years.

If working with a personal coach can benefit you, you can select one from their profiles  or we can suggest the one we think would be the best fit.

Each of our life coaches…

• attained full Master Level training and credentialing in life coaching,

• achieved additional National Board Certification from The Center for Credentialing and Education,

• exceeded our Center’s qualification requirement for our life coaches to have received a minimum of 150 hours of direct personal mentoring from Dr. Benanti in the wisdom perspectives and practices of Optimum Living,

• participates in ongoing professional enrichment dialogues with other nationally certified master life coaches,

• successfully navigated their own real life experiences in overcoming obstacles and challenges to reaching their own personal and career goals,

• honors client individuality in choosing their own goals and pace of progress.

Our coaches share a professional passion for …

• getting you further faster than you can ever get on your own,

• enabling you to tap into resources that are essential for achieving your goals,

• identifying the roadblocks to your personal and occupational well-being,

• optimizing your possibilities and achievements through effective problem solving,

• unblocking your path by removing distracting influences while aiming your focus,

• building your foundation of support networks to bolster your continued success,

• actualizing your potential to continually become more fulfilled in all areas of your life,

• developing your ability to use what’s been identified as the key components of
successful achievement, and to have that as an enduring skill to bring into your future.