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is a form of natural health care that really works.

In a tranquil and private massage room, a fully licensed and exceptional massage therapist or Reiki practitioner will provide you with their personal blend of advanced skills and techniques.

We are always here to help you choose the therapist, procedures or combinations that are best for you. Remember that at our Center, we welcome you to experience each of our massage therapists & bodyworkers then to choose for each appointment the practitioner who best matches your preferences and needs at that time. (click on the + icon in the boxes below for details)

(click on the + icon in the boxes below for details)

Special Basic:
Forty-five minutes of massage for those on a tight budget or time schedule. As with all our massage and bodywork options, your level of relaxation will be enhanced with soothing music and environmental sounds. Fee: $75
Full Basic:
One-hour massage which, as with all our massage options, uses only the finest organically based massage oils and creams.Also, you can rest assured that you will feel very much at home in our beautiful, private and professional setting where modesty is always maintained. Fee: $95
One-hour and fifteen minute massage which will leave you more fully rejuvenated. In addition to the format of the “full-basic” massage, you will receive another fifteen minutes of massage during which time your massage therapist will concentrate on those musculoskeletal areas needing further attention. Fee: $115
Special Extended:
One-hour and thirty minute massage. This is our most complete massage option in that your massage therapist can fully attend to both your special areas of musculoskeletal concern as well as balancing your whole body. Fee: $135
Infrared Mineral Heat Lamp:
Included upon request
Clinical Aromatherapy:
We use only 100% pure organic essential oils for our true aromatherapy massage. The result is not only a wonderful and healthful fragrance, but also a true enhancement of the healing effects of your therapeutic massage. At the time of your appointment, your massage therapist will discuss your particular needs and then select the appropriate combination of essential oils for you. Fee: $12 extra

Experience for yourself what the remarkable healing art of Reiki can do for you!

Reiki is an exceptionally powerful stress-releasing process that can restore the optimum flow of energy throughout your whole physical, mental and emotional system. It is rooted in worldwide ancient practices going back thousands of years, and its modern expression originated in early 20th century Japan. Today, Reiki is used by thousands of trained bodywork practitioners all over the world.

While Reiki is based on a beautiful philosophy of life, its most remarkable characteristics are its practical application and wide ranging effects. As a bodywork practice, it is highly effective in releasing stress, boosting mood, decreasing anxiety, relieving depression and anger, healing emotional wounds, reducing mental blocks and confusion, increasing inner harmony and peace, and ultimately creating a far more balanced state of body and mind.

Clinical research in leading university hospitals, clinics and private practices has been exploring its many applications and benefits which range from enriching overall wellness to accelerating the vital healing process in countless diseases.

Reiki sessions last from 60 to 90 minutes. After a brief orientation and review of your interests, concerns and/or goals, you’ll come to rest comfortably on your back on a massage table, with only your shoes removed. Wearing loose, comfortable clothing is ideal.

As you relax, your Reiki practitioner will slowly move her hands slightly above your body without touching you, except if a light brief touch is indicated. During your session you may notice a pleasant pulsing, warming or tingling sensation, a feeling of releasing pressure and tension, or perhaps nothing other than an experience of wonderfully deep relaxation. All you need to do is relax, “open up” to receive the experience and let it all work for itself.

Immediately after your session, you should feel very peaceful and calm, followed by a sense of being relaxed, yet alert, invigorated, and renewed.

Essentially, Reiki realigns and rebalances your physical, mental and emotional energies. It does this by naturally locating and releasing restricted energies, revitalizing weakened and/or blocked energies and thereby optimizing the strength and flow of your vital life force throughout your whole system.

60 minutes $95 ~ 75 minutes $115 ~ 90 minutes $135

Lori Roberts is a gifted Master Level Reiki Practitioner of the traditional Usui method. She received her training from Ida Diaz, a noted Reiki master in her 80s who has been practicing and teaching Reiki now for over 40 years.

Lori’s Reiki sessions in both hospital and private settings, including our Center, have been well received and achieved remarkable results.

She is also a certified Master Level Life Coach and a Nationally Certified Wellness Coach. This enables her to provide her Reiki clients with optional coaching sessions that are enhanced with insights from their Reiki sessions. Along with her outside training, Lori has been applying the perspectives and practices of optimum living since 2004 and is a valued part of both our bodywork and life coaching teams.

Outside of her professional life, Lori is the devoted mother, a skilled artist, and a lover of nature and the preforming arts. Her true compassion for others, her natural warmth and her commitment to being of good influence in everything she does is admirable, and a blessing to all who cross her path.


Here’s what you can expect when you get your massage at The Center for Optimum Living.

First and foremost, you will always receive your massage from a fully licensed massage therapist. All therapists at our Center are committed professionals who have completed extensive and comprehensive training. You can rest assured that our staff members are genuinely caring and conscientious, and conduct themselves in a most professional manner.

Step #1 – Arrive at the Center: After making your appointment, arrive and relax for a few minutes in our waiting room where your massage therapist will greet you. After introducing herself, she will direct you to one of our beautiful, tranquil and private massage areas.

Step #2 – Consultation with Your Therapist: You and your massage therapist will then discuss any medical information, questions or concerns you may have. She’ll ask about any musculoskeletal problems or areas of pain and tension and answer any other questions.She’ll also ask if there is any area you want left alone.

Step #3 – Designing Your Massage Session: Your massage therapist will then discuss with you an individualized massage plan to meet your specific needs.She will also encourage you to communicate with her at any time. *Remember, the massage experience is built around your comfort. Your input, whenever necessary, before or during your massage is essential to the outcome.

Step #4 – Getting Yourself Ready: Before your therapist leaves the area, so you can prepare for your massage, she will explain how to get onto the massage table. Except for underpants, which we ask all clients to leave on, it is best to be free of clothing and jewelry in the areas needing massage. Before re-entering the room, your therapist will knock and ask permission, entering only when you indicate for her to do so.

Step #5 – While You Are on the Table: Your therapist will keep you covered and comfortable, respecting your modesty at all times. During your massage, only the area of your body being worked on will be uncovered. Be sure to let her know if you begin to feel too warm or too cool at any time.

Step #6 – The Massage: By now the soothing music, beautiful surroundings, excellent therapeutic techniques and the understanding you have secured with your therapist will lull you into deep relaxation and bring all the benefits massage therapy has to offer your body, mind, and spirit.

Step #7 – After Your Massage: When your massage is completed, your therapist will let you know that she will be leaving the area so you can get dressed. When you are ready, she will bring you a cup of filtered water and meet with you briefly to offer beneficial feedback and suggestions for further improvements.

Step #8 – After You Leave: Be sure to have a light and balanced snack and remember to drink plenty of water to help rid your system of any unhealthy toxins your massage was able to dislodge. Also, in the hours following your massage, remain mindful of how good it feels to be less tense, more relaxed and yet pleasantly energized. . . and remember that regularly scheduled massages will help to keep you that way.


$20 off your first Massage or Reiki bodywork session!

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