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“The way to your fulfillment is within you. When you come to The Center For Optimum Living you come home to yourself.”

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Experience the life-enriching advantages of empowering your mind, body and spirit.

Dr. S. C. Benanti

The founder of The Center For Optimum Living

Massage and Reiki Bodywork

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Client Impressions

We asked our clients to respond to five questions. Please take a moment to read some of their answers.

Life Coaching

gets you further faster than typically done on one’s own


IMG_9903 Counseling through positive psychology engages more of your ability to make the changes you want in your life. The increased inner-strength and wisdom we unblock will then serve you for the rest of your life. (read more)

life coaching

The Center for Optimum Living Life coaching is an empowering process of goal achievement and personal growth that gets you further faster than is typically done on one’s own. You’ll be able to reach personal, relationship and/or career goals more efficiently and with less frustration. (read more)

massage & reiki bodywork

therapeutic massage

In a tranquil and private massage room, a fully licensed and exceptional massage therapist or Reiki practitioner  will help you to achieve your goals through their own unique blend of training, experience and skill. (read more)

Dr. Benanti has an ease and humor that makes me feel I’m with an equal who happens to be more educated, experienced and understanding of this life than I am. His wisdom runs deep and opens me to my own as I go through my day.

Unlike larger facilities, our office is private and simply organized. We are located in a non-commercial & tranquil setting where you will feel relaxed and at ease. Our sessions will address your specific needs and concerns while unblocking more of the inner peace, strength and joy that’s possible within us all.

The Center for Optimum Living specializes in overcoming the most common challenges of our time: personal dissatisfaction, relationship and work stress, difficulties in achieving goals, marriage and family issues, and unexpected life-style transitions. Overcoming these relieves their negative symptoms including anxiety and depression, decreased motivation, loss of meaning and direction, diminishing personal fulfillment and loss of spirit.